10,5 cm LeFH 16 L/22 (Sfl.) auf Geschützwagen FCM 36(f)

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The need for more tanks and SPGs was througout the war, after France fell a good amount of material was captured, beeing outdated and not suitable for combat (because of the very weak Sa 18), many tanks were converted to open topped TD or SPGs such as this one. Instead of a big horse limber with many men (while beeing still slow) this modified vehicle gave some new mobility to the 10,5 cm LeFH 16 L/22. This vehicle would add a gun to the game which is in a stronger form as its older brother as the StuH 42 allready in game, so appart from a lower velocity it will allready be familiar to the veterans and a good start and switch form the 7,5 cm KwK 37 L/24 to the StuH 42 as it sits about in the middle of them velocity wise. Furthermore the normal french tank is also in game so if you want you can drive it around a bit and get a feeling of how it would feel (except with FAR greater firepower, on the cost of having less armor).
For its place in game as allready sayed above it would give a performance inbetween and also would further differentiate the game as well as adding a fun medium derp gun with an usable punch to it.

A total number of 8-12 were build and where send to the Artillerie Batallion on the 31st of October 1942.




The vehicle is also in its tank form allready in game.
Length: 4.60m (4.46m without the gun barrel)
Width: 2.14m
Height: 2.15 m

Total weight, Fully Loaded, is 12.2 tons

Crew 4 (commander, driver, gunner, loader)

Engine: Berliet MDP V-4 diesel engine, 91 hp

Top road speed: 24 km/h

Main Armament: 10,5 cm leFH 16 L/22 howitzer with 37-50 rounds

Secondary Armament: 7.92 mm MG 34 machine gun

Hull Armor Front: 25-40 mm
Sides and Rear: 20 mm

Upper Armor Front: 15 mm (up to 30mm at the overlapping parts)
Sides: 15 mm
Rear: 15 mm

The Gun, 10,5 cm LeFH 16 L/22
Elevation: -7° (or -5°) to +40°, 10-15° to each side, with 37-50 rounds, a bit faster reload than the in game StuH 42 so around 9 sec or faster for ballancing.

Pzgr. Aphe 14 kg 404 m/s 238g (304,64g aquivalent) filler 56mm/10m


Pzgr. Rot Apcbc 15,56 kg 390 m/s 250g (357,5g) 64mm/10m


F.H. Gr. He 14,81 kg 395 m/s 1,75 kg filler Fp.02 und Np.10 (2,24 kg TnTa)


F.H. Gr. Nb. Smoke 14 kg 404 m/s 50g smokestuff dont expect much


Gr. 39 Rot Hl/B Heat 12,35 kg 420 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 105mm/all


Gr. 39 Rot Hl/C Heat 12,35 kg 420 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 115mm/all


(One cource states that the muzzle break was mounted, to use the 6th charge of the LeFH 18, but i couldnt find stats to the better performance, in the chamber it would kind of not fit and the barrle is with L/22 shorter than the L/28 barrle)

Munition der LeFH 16
Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two, Peter Chamberlain and Hilary Doyle
German Artillery at War 1939-45 vol.1 by Frank V. de Sisto

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I voted yes, but only as an event or the first reward on a bp

I am a big fan of big guns, +1

The derpiest of panzerjägers, I love it.

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+1 for sure.

A very nice old film about it. (Propaganda Movie) And more footage.

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