10.3 is not 11.0 or 11.3

As every patch is added more and more premiums are appearing in the game and historically rank 6 and 7 have the most premiums (that people actually play) with that being said with the introduction of the “Fuji” and other tanks basically 10.3 does not exist anymore or even 10.0 it is basically 11.0 or even 11.3 every match now because of the Fuji in particular.

So let’s look at this, a tank with next to none armor yet an auto loader with a 4 second reload that even a noob can get a decent kill streak with, this tank is single handedly destroying the entire 10.3 game and tbh I literally sick of it. It is time gaijin makes tank like these 11.3 and moves up BVM and all the top tier tanks to 12.3 this is a no brainer at this point thier needs to be some decompression.

The 90a and and all the other Chinese vehicles at 10.7 needs to be moved to 11.0 and the 2s25m and 120s moved to 10.7 tanks with top tier rounds need to be moved to the technical TOP tier. Glass cannon aside it’s completely irrelevant, if you can’t balance them, Gaijin it’s simple DONT ADD THEM! I want to a fair and balanced game, this isn’t real life nor is it a real combat it’s a video game not a job nor a life style just balance the damn game gaijin I believe I know a few 5 year olds with the better understanding of the word BALANCE then a multi billion dollar corporation. It’s just sad how this company can not seem to get it. Why would a tank make this clear, IN A VIDEO GAME why would a t90 with gen 2 thermals a round that has 560mm of pen fight a tank like a m1 Abrams with 350mm of pen and gen 1 thermals and no armor anywhere on that tank that can defend against it? Answer that question.

It’s simple that should not happen, gaijin get your stuff together, make the players happy, stop worrying about fox 3 missles and the generation of tanks and planes when you have not even balanced what you already have!

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I guess M1128 doesnt exist for you. Soviet and chinese tanks have exact the same weak spots from 9.3 up to top tier. 120S is slow and have poor survivability and it gets high penetration shell for these downsides, 2S25M have poor gun handling and can be killed even with MG, M1 on 10.3 gets one of the best mobility and fast firing rate in exchage for a low penetration shell.

Gaijin has stated they’re going to raise Ground BR this will alleviate the direct problem you’re discussing.

The Type 90 is veeerrrryyy strong, but decompression will probably solve the issue (I hope). Full uptiers are always rough though, no matter the BR.

Of course, Adding battlerating 12.7 for tanks could help to ajust top tier and cold war issue. those rank 8 12.0 +, rank 7 11.0 -11.7, etc. (also ajust some specific vehicule like 292, 80UD, Type 90/10, abram, Chally 2, etc.

i agree that vehicles like the 120S, 2S25M, etc should be moved up because of its armament.
Just like Air vehicles are moved up because of their armament, ground vehicles should face the same hand.

But vehicles like that are kinda needed to change up the playstyle abit.
Like on the big tunisia, if u see an obj292 in the other team you’ll be more careful being hull down, cause a single mistake and your cheek armour wont help.

So i guess they are actually needed as irregularities to spice up games.

why? they are balanced by other metrics

I explained why in the next sentence.

I don’t agree with this line of thinking and do not think it’s comparable