1 tank lineups will fix everthing

no more br matching if you have 1 tank per match and no more spawn killing this is the best way i hate having to start over with another tank in the middle of a battle anyway takes to long to driver then the match is over anyway or you get killed


It works for air.

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How to kill SPAA and below average vehicles 101

In a game with such easy one-shots this is a ridiculous idea. This is not WoT.


There are other games out there that provide what you are looking for.

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It’s not only 1 tank - the key should be “one match - one life” at least if they call it “realistic”. But imho you ask also for a TO mode via the backdoor, you will face stiff opposition.

If you take a step back:

This multiple spawn / multiple slot set up of the game which results just in wars of attrition has just one winner: Gaijin.

  1. As long as players do not understand that the concept of multi spawn modes with multiple slots just decreases progression as you are basically play until you ore the enemy runs out of spawn points / available crew slots there is no hope that there will be demand for a one-spawn mode.

  2. The game play In general is based on attrition, so the more assets you use, the more repair cost you produce - which decreases your income.

  3. The game play in specific is based on the possibility to earn spawn points in order to use power-ups like CAS.

  4. So gaijin was able to convince the players that broad line-ups including all kinds of Ground vehicles and aircraft/choppers would increase the chances to win matches and increase the fun whilst playing it.

Every change within this delicate balance has downsides for gaijin, a one-spawn set-up would kill the possibility to use power-ups like aircraft and kill the need for multiple slots. Both will reduce sales of premium hardware.

Even if you would be able to provide statistical evidence that multiple spawns have zero effect on the outcome of matches - nobody would accept it as the player base is used to it’s current form.

Experienced players with perfect line-ups will reject the idea as brain dead as their previous effort in creating those line-ups would become useless. But experienced players effectively just increase their already higher win chances vs lesser experienced players with multiple spawns - so their resistance is at least comprehensible.

So even your proposal makes sense almost nobody will support your idea.


Imagine spawning on Poland in top tier, and getting sent back to the hangar within 30 seconds because you advocated for one spawn only matches…

Too many armchair game developers in WT…


Spawn killing is only an issue because crew lock forces you to engage with it. Remove crew lock and spawn killing is no longer relevant.

An Air RB style single-life mode for Ground could be super fun. :)

Every vehicle should get an extra spawn, TT and premium, everything gets 2 spawns, SPAA gets 3 spawns.

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Imagine playing a multi-spawn and multi-crew slot shooter (with a strong grinding component) and game mode based on pure attrition and power-ups:

  • and being unable or unwilling to deal with fully intended obstacles
  • and defending a multi-spawn game mode with an example of spawn killing

Imho there are too many guys active in WT (and, ofc, in the WT forum) which

  • are unable or unwilling to see the broader picture
  • are defending game mechanics with negative impacts for them
  • are mediocre at best (52% WR, K-D of 1:1) whilst playing a shooter
  • try to look smarter than they actually are.

Seriously - defending a multi-spawn spawn mode with an example of getting spawn killed is not really supporting the assumption that you were able to understand or think about essential points of my initial post.

Maybe just a misunderstanding or bad translation…

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I mean i didn’t even read your first post so, i didn’t miss anything, nor was i even replying to you anyway.

And what i said is a very simple and clear way of showing someone that their “idea” is massively flawed without writing some long winded monologue.

This is the game we play, this is how Gaijin intended it to be. The game has flaws sure, but ideas like this just make me facepalm.

Also, games like WoT work with one spawn mechanics because the likelihood of getting one shotted from full HP is slim. Whereas in WT, one mistake can punish you and turn your fresh out the spawn vehicle into a wreck. (I’m not referring to spawn camping… can’t believe i have to make that clear).

Also. Where does CAS come into it? One spawn only? So people would have to choose between a jet/heli or a tank. Oh, someone has spawned a Pantsir S1 or similar SAM and shoots down your jet before you get into the battle… or, maybe the OP is suggesting that one spawn only means that ground RB has CAS removed, because who’s to stop one team spawning tanks with no AA, while the other team spawns mostly CAS with some other tanks… yeeeaaah… oh dear.

Let’s also not forget open top tanks, and you get killed by friendly arty in low tiers where it’s easy to die to arty. Or someone who spawns their Pe-8 drops a MOAB on a spawn point and accidently killing 2 teammates… oops.

Yeah no, this whole idea is absolutely flawed to the core. And i dont need stats or some 10k word essay explaining how one spawn only matches are viable.

I don’t think you’ve thought this through.

Edit: also worth mentioning that, you quoted my “armchair game developers” comment, yet fail to recognise that the OP titled the thread “1 tank lineups will fix everything” yet gives us one paragraph of their opinion without backing up their bold statement with any kind of research

Yeah - why following a thread in a discussion.

It is much easier to spread out opinions and classify others as armchair developers just in order to look smart at the expense of others.

One possible explanation could be that you might be unable to think abstract and never tried something like “Out of the Box thinking”.

I do agree that the proposal addressed in the OP is rather “thin” - but imho you were on the right track regarding fixed Ground and Air slots as possible solution.

But i am not here to outline or optimize ideas of others, so i agree that the OP needs to be more precise and has to add more details / specifications as otherwise it looks not like a serious approach.

Even admitting that the actual “realisation” chances of such ideas is around 0% - a forum has besides discussions / exchanges also the purpose of mutual support.

This isn’t WoT lil bro, not only will 99.99% of the community disagree, but probably call you names and make fun of you. Still, my thoughts are no, because your team will still need you, and more lives means more opportunities to make SL and RP. Altogether just a bad idea.

Will just turn into cheese camp fest.

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Look I only play realistic battles and I’m playing t1 french tanks and out of 20 games so far I have only been spawn camped 2 games. Just leave and go next if that’s the problem as for getting back to the fights in time I am able to usually do so for all tanks except my last one in my 5 tank lineup. Keep in mind this is t1 french the turtle tanks so I do not see how anyone should have problems getting back to points or fights in time before the game ends.

If they had one tanks only all it would do is enforce camping playstyle, you think spawn camping is bad just wait till its one spawn only and every game is just corner camping ridiculous angles like this is r6 siege or SnD on cod.


I only brought up t1 french tanks as they are insanely slow and I’m not having issues with “i hate having to start over with another tank in the middle of a battle anyway takes to long to driver then the match is over anyway or you get killed”

You can always go back to playing WoT.

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Nah, using one vechicle line up in current GF RB has its reasons.

Many people were talking about the player freedom to choose what and how he wants to play so the one vechicle line up should be fine with them

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Fully agree with this view.

Imho most of the players thinking about one slot proposals simply overestimate the results. A “theoretical” limitation of one slot per player per match won’t change anything.

The rookie will still get clapped, and even if he is able to kill a far superior player/vehicle combo with a lucky shot - the respawn possibility in itself will allow the experienced player to rejoin the match, whilst the rookie player won’t have the necessary resources (either spawn points or back-ups).

That’s why i encouraged the OP to think further and consider a “one match - one life” approach - even as i am fully aware of the fact that gaijin and the majority of very experienced players won’t consider this as possible and/or a desired goal. I outlined the reasons earlier.

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