1 sided match making

I believe the “match making” isn’t match making at all . Last few games 90% of my team left after 1 death , while seeing 2-3 enemy players all having 7+ kills . Shit like that makes me want to drop the game and never play it again . Not only can’t enjoy a match like this while I’m forced to slaughter house but I’m forced of having team mates like this in almost all my matches .

Can’t even grind when I my entire team leaves and then being the next one to be cleaned off from the match facing an entire enemy team .

Not getting near 900 score and 90% of the team already leaving . 1.3K RP most to the next vehicle while having premium account too .

Rewards are too low in GRB , team mates that don’t even exist . I start to believe this game needs an overhaul or waiting a similar game to come out to ditch WT .

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