1 minute vehicle hangar penalty

Server lagged really hard, was not on my side - pinged around and everything normal except WT…

After flying around the map in a AA vehicle in one big lag, clicked escape and got a 1 minute hangar penalty for most of my crews :]

I think that the current penalty system as is… Is pretty good, I have no complaints…

So just saying, after server lag and quit, my lineup gets grounded :]

Unfortunately, the penal system makes no sense. I die 3x can’t board and 2 other vehicles in my deck have a time penalty. Players with only one vehicle in the deck do not incur a time penalty after a loss, but damage the team because they cannot and do not want to continue fighting.


The current crew lock system just punishes people for trying to bring a lineup out. Pretty sure no thought went into it.

Yeah, was in a naval match, got disconnected from the server. Booted back to the log in screen. Logged back in, got no rejoin match option and had to sit on the hanger for I think about 6 minutes due to crew lock. The system works fine in some circumstances, but in a few niche ones, it can really suck

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