1 death leaver balance suggestion

Sometimes our team is hurt for having too much 1 death leavers. Other times is the opposing team that has this problem. I suggest that to solve this issue each player should have a 1 death leave rank and the matchmaker should balance teams considering this value.


Why? Don’t worry, just play and have fun.

I agree with OP. Put these “players” in their own matchmaker and prevent them from ruining my experience.


Because some people focus on wanting to win a match to get the full rewards. One tank warriors prevent that, and can decimate a team.

I agree, they should have their own server to have matches on.

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Don’t teach others how to play the game. It’s not forbidden.

Man you will be lonely on your server haha

What would be gained? You spread the odl prone players equally. Now the game starts to tip over. The ODL players on the losing side will now quit, while the ODL players on the winning side will not.
That is what we have, that is what we would get.

Your suggestion ignores that many ODL will only leave if things don’t work their way.

The solution is simple. EVERYONE must have at least THREE vehicles in their lineup to join a battle. If you leave after just one death, you get penalised the full RP as if the other two vehicles in your lineup were destroyed. That way, the incentive is for players to finish the battle because leaving will guarantee you incur more RP loss than to continue the battle and at least earn some SL/RP. If you take more than 3 vehicles, maybe you get penalised 2x the average repair cost of the remaining vehicles for leaving after 1 death. If you leave after 2 deaths, you get penalised the RP of the remaining vehicle.

If forcing people to have at least three vehicles in their lineup is too much, at least make it two, but I think it should be three.

The number of one death leavers on a team has a HUGE impact on how the battle goes. Often you have situations where one team has only one or two one death leavers while the other team has 5 or more. That can be a difference of 10 or more tanks available to one team that aren’t available to the other.

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In the old forum was already a thread about ODL over 40+ pages iirc. In short the main thing that caused ODL was Maps and getting out BS´ed by the game itself. For me it never was about SL/RP but nothing caused more ODL on my part than being OHK by Centauro or some other Gokart across the map while I just got 50m out of spawn.

Find a way to stop players from leaving after one death - Ground Battles - War Thunder - Official Forum here my post from the old forum about the same issue.

Why THREE, not TEN?

Sorry. My reference was for Arcade mode where 3 is the max vehicles a player can use in a match and most players come to battle with 3. The intent was to even the playing field and ensure all combatants (in Arcade mode at least) are required to commit the same number of vehicles and therefore try to ensure a relatively even match. At least in the Gaijin Matchmaker was doing it’s job and creating teams of equal abilities

One death leaving is not the problem, it is a symptom of many issues that have yet to be resolved, though I think a few will never and can never be resolved, not without radical overhauls of the entire game.

Many quit for a valid reason. I’ve quit after my first death a number of times, usually when I get sniped accross map by someone within the first 30 seconds of a match. I dont really see the point in respawning in that scenario

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So I can use 1 main vehicle + 2 reserves ( they dont have penalization ) and then I will be free to ODL

If the enemy team has let’s say … 4-5 Ka52, you really want me to respawn ? nice torture mate

I have whole USA tree ( aire + ground ) and 10M SL, I won’t care about SL/RP loss, so your solution will harm new players more than veterans

What if I have only the premium top vehicle ? I can’t play because you wwant 3 vehicles lineup