0 days since classified document leaks

Well, someone leaked classified documents on the M3A3 Bradly. I did some digging and by the backprint on the photo used, it came from a Russian/Ukrainian Hacker group known as Beregini. So definitely another loss of classification, however, it was just the turret assembly and commanders hatch assembly, but nothing too big, the post was promptly taken down, however a few people saw it.


Russia mains are the ones that actually make the most sense to leak an American tank’s documents, since it makes it LESS likely for Gaijin to implement stuff in them.


Surprised it took that long to be honest…

The moment they added Spall liners and that started rejecting bug reports due to lack of information. I was expecting classified docs to start appearing concerrning spall liners for all top tier tanks

Above the screenshots a link was posted and in the post, it has been mentioned that it contains 2000 pages…
Its highly unlikely that it was just a “turret assembly”

Well, we dealt with two people for separate things…

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Thank guys!