ZTZ99II-III/ZTZ99A Spall Liner

Anyone know if any of the chinese top tier tanks are fitted with spall liners?

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There is a report open to give the VT-4A1 spall liner, but little information exists on the non-export models.
(Looking into it further, VT-4 clearly has a spall liner and it appears that some iteration of Type 99 introduced spall liners as well).

A liner for the 99a and or 99ii-iii would be godsend

Appears the 99A+ might get them. I’ve found no evidence for the earlier Type 99’s yet.

Overall bug report: Gaijin.net // Issues

^ This info was added to it: Gaijin.net // Issues
-Link to 99 II/III interior: 99型坦克演习_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

96 Series as well: Gaijin.net // Issues

Seems like all of the modern Chinese tanks feature spall liners: 96 series, Type-08 chassis vehicles, 99 series, MBT-2000, VT-4. Could use additional evidence on the 99 II/III though, since the video doesn’t show it the best.

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I am not seeing the spall liner on the 99 II/III interior from the video, nor the 96 series.

It’s the white backing around the turret/hull lacking, and sometimes the roof (although it can be quite hard to tell); at least that’s my understanding of it, I’m not an expert on this topic.

Spall Liner

VT-4 Spall Liner being added in during construction; example of what it looks like.

99 III hull being worked on:

What sucks about this topic is its so hard to actually tell. Like when I look at a picture of a Leo 2A6’s interior, doesn’t really look like spall liners are there but they are.

I’m seeing weld marks on the “white lining”.

Hmmmm I’m not too sure of the 96’s then. The turret roof doesn’t appear to have any spall lining but the pictures of the interior I could find have the turret interior covered with various stuff that it’s hard to tell

96 Interior


Possible liner here on the roof? Cutouts for cupola and other various equipment?