Ztz99 APS when?

Are there any plans to add the chinese APS to the ZTZ99’s? there is a post before that explains all about it and can be searched up simply by typing ‘war thunder ztz99 aps’ so i think it should be added, it’ll help the ztz99 stage II and III


Correct me if im wrong, the ztz99 APS is laser that is supposed to “lase” the optic of the guiding launcher and blind it, correct?

yes, but not only the optical components and also human eyes

That would be against protocol on blinding laser weapons if the blindness is pernament.

How would that be implemented in WT tho?

As far as I know, it is temporary when it attack the completely unprotected and directly visible human eyes, the longest impact is only counted in days

cant find a balance way to implemented, it will be too OP to make the sight unusable, and it will have no use to only damaged gunner’s sight (cause gunner sight in game can still use when it been damaged)
gaijin said they are finding a way do implemented it when ZTZ99 added in game, but its about 3 years ago

Perhaps we can make it impossible for other tanks to measure the distance in which the ZTZ99 turret is facing?

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I could imagine it working similiarly (NOT the same) as shtora for easy implementation.

Ie. cone starting at the APS itself extending to wherever APS is looking, and disrupting guidance for any command units found within this cone.

Depending on which command units it can blind, i could see it being balanced (or OP af).

I imagine it can paralyze laser rangefinding, making it always displaying ‘9999’, when ztz99’s turret is facing its enemy.(Still can accurately measure distance beyond a certain range from ztz99) Also, helicopters can’t guide their missiles towards ztz99 whose turret is facing the approximate direction of the helicopters.(Still can attack other player)
This can give chinese vehicles equipped with APS advantage when it comes to sniping and protection against helicopters while not making them too OP.

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As long as the command unit can be “blinded”, why not.

Demonstration of the JD-3 APS, it disrupts the sights of a vehicle that is lasing it, which can permanently blind the gunner


As for how it could be implemented, it can be in a similar style like battlefield 3, where it just emits a flash


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Not bad actually.

How exactly does it recognize where the gunner optics are on different tanks?

And i find highly unlikely it would blind gunner through modern digitalized gunner optics.

it detects the laser automatically, aka the sights which are emitting the laser, thats how it works, incase you havent watched the whole gif, and i said can blind, its not guaranteed, so yea


Ive had.

And here i thought the laser rangefinder is the one emiting the laser rangefinding laser, not the sight gunner uses to look through itself.

from what ive seen so far, it only features sights being burnt, doesnt say things about independent laser rangefinders themselves, hence why i was talking about the sights themselves emitting the laser

as far as i know the laser rangefinder uses different optic/sight/lense/sensor than the gunner sight itself. So the tank can potentionally fire back, it just doesnt know the range.