ZTZ-99A - Large Gap in the frontal hull

The gap between the fuel tank and the front armor is massive for the ZTZ-99A compared to the ZTZ-99-III and WZ1001A. Either the fuel tanks are either erroneously small or the armor for the ZTZ-99A is much thicker than currently modeled.

ZTZ-99A Side

ZTZ-99A Side (Empty Area highlighted in Green)

ZTZ-99-III Side (No Gap)

WZ-1001 Side (Tiny Gap)

Here is an above view where it looks like the shape of the right-side fuel tank of the ZTZ-99-III was copied to the ZTZ-99A even though the ZTZ-99A has the driver’s position moved to the left side vs the ZTZ-99-III’s center position. The WZ-1001 also has a hull based on the ZTZ-99-III and the same central driver position but seemingly lacks the left side fuel tank.



WZ-1001 (Missing Left Side Fuel Tank)

Here are two pictures of the forward fuel tank being refueled. I suspect the shape of the fuel tank is much larger on the ZTZ-99A than currently modeled.

ZTZ-99A being refueled

Note the length of the fuel nozzle.

The screenshots may not be at the exact angle for each tank, but i got them as close as i could.


If you inspect Russian vehicles with similar profiles they are carefully modeled with no such gaps.



The Chinese community realized this problem very early and submitted an issue, but unfortunately gaijin didn’t care.


They are more receptive to criticism nowadays. It’s time to pressure them into making changes and fixing issues.


A bunch of green

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I’ve already got used to such problems
They just pretend never seeing it,what else can we do to change their PRIDE and PREJUDICE?

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Thank u for pointing out, Gaijin is just very mean to Chinese vehicles, and the crew voice mistake was also very wrong, and they didn’t even willing to fix them after I told them half year ago

The thickness and height of ZTZ99A car body chassis are also incorrect, and the chassis adds too much non-actual space to provide the space for breakdown.


it is not ture