ZTZ-96 Family Lower Frontal Plate Shots Ignoring Composite Armor

The ZTZ-96 family ( ZTZ-96, ZTZ-96A and ZTZ-96A(P) ) has an issue where the composite armor is ignored if a shell hits it after penetrating the lower plate.

Replication Procedure: Check any of them with the Protection analysis tool.

  1. Find the highest spot where the lower frontal plate extends to before the effective penetration interacts with the ERA. Note the 103mm Effective thickness.

  1. When you view this spot with X-ray it shows the composite armor behind it

  2. When shooting with the Protection Analysis tool.
    Notice the armor protection of 99mm which matches the 103mm we saw earlier (No extra protection from the composite)

  3. Shoot at that spot and notice that the shell interacts with the composite but it offers no additional protection. Note the 3 impact holes. The Lower Plate, The Composite Armor and the internal 20mm RHA plate.

Can someone assist me in creating a bug report for this? I don’t have the time.


seems kinda odd, idk if it might be apfsds effective penetration or if its just a bug but its probably a bug of the damage model