ZTS92 needs to lower BR to 5.3 or based on APDS

The machine gun of ZSL92 cannot penetrate the side of the middle tank, which is a huge body. Compared to the Type 63 SPAA, except for mobility and sustained firepower, it is not as good as the Type 63 SPAA


It clearly needs the APDS, after all it is a 1995 vehicle, it is impossible that it does not have this type of ammunition, apart from the fact that it is not a SPAA, it is an IFV.


It is illogical that Gaijin added the ZSL92, an IFV with worse anti-air capability than the ZSD63, to 6.7 as an SPAA. To not add the APDS which it uses is further outrageous.


The key problem is not balancing the IFV correctly, giving them the bullets they have to carry and generating more profits by detecting enemies for the team.

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It’s basically worse than the French AMX-10P.
And that’s BR 6.0…


the sub-i-ii is better than the amx-10p and that thing is 5.3 :(