ZTS-63 has a slower reload than the Type 63

Why does the ZTS-63 load slower than the Type 63?
Does Gaijin think it be op with its 6 round ready rack if it had a .4 second faster reload?

Type 63 (9.2 Stock / 7.5 Trained)

ZTS-63 (9.6 Stock / 7.9 Trained)


I’m more confused about their turret rotation being the same as on the very early Type 59s, even though the vehicle came a fair amount later - and its turret is maybe 1/3rd the weight of a Type 59.

At least for reload - you could claim it’s a balancing factor (regardless of how senseless it is, Gaijin does claim to use reload to balance vehicles and isn’t restrained to direct numbers), but the turret rotation doesn’t make any sense.