ZSU 57 2 Pages of History?

I see the ZSU 57 2 is part of the Pages of History event but i am unsure if the vehicle variant in the itallian tech tree applies - is it normal that vehicles with the same name, outside of the tech trees listed in the event, do not count for progress in such events ?

Was hoping to complete all the events for this Pages of History but may have to miss this round. have not yet unlocked the required vehicles aside from the ZSU 57 2 in the Italy tech tree - any advice ?

ZSU 57-2 in the Italian tree does not have the same name as ZSU 57-2 in the Russian tree.
The vehicle in the Italian tree has a roundel in front of its name.

In addition, the “Pages of History” event calls for the use of certain vehicles, depending on the context of a battle with very distinct opposing forces.


roger that - thanks for the reply

I suppose part of the appeal of these events is the historical accuracy but I would have liked if the itallian vehicle I had could take part as well. ah well, shall enjoy playing either way and gives me more reasons to slowly grind everything out

The aim of all these events and Battle Passes is to invite players to play all nations, all ranks and all game modes.

If that’s the only task you can do, and you absolutely must win the pilot icon.
You’ll have to pay 299 Golden Eagles.

Yeah I have noticed it also encourages people to play vehicles that are often not used. I appreciate that effort in particular because it makes matches far more interesting when you do not encounter the same old line up each time.

thanks to this event, I tested out the ZSU 57 2 and its massive cannons ruined a poor Ratels day !

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