ZSU-37-2 should go to br 8.0

ZSU-37-2 should go to br 8.0. It is definitely a better SPAA and TD than the M163, has stabilization, good rate of fire, penetration and radar. In addition, it has a much greater range of effective fire than the 20mm cannon of the M163.
Definitely, these two SPAAs should not be on the same br, the ZSU-37-2 is simply better, so it should be higher.

Both the ZSU-37-2 and the 23-4 is both shit though, the bullets scatter all over the place even when spaded, and expert crews, I mean how is it so bad compare to Gepard or Falcon in term of gun accuracy.

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At the moment I have only tried the ZSU-37-2, and I have to admit that radar shooting is extremely inaccurate, you shoot down planes simply with luck, you can perfectly shoot 150 bullets at a plane at 1.4km without changing course And don’t hit a single bullet, or shoot at an almost static helicopter and don’t hit it when it’s 1.5 km away, it’s just horrible, from experience the VADS is much better.

LOL I didn’t have such problems, especially on the ZSU-23-4,
In general, shooting aircraft with this type of SPAA is not super easy because it is not always enough to aim at the target and shoot where the circle shows, you have to do it from a relatively close distance.
In fact, I played them, I don’t even remember when, but I know that they are cancerous in tank battles, especially the ZSU-37-2.
BR 8.0 would simply be more adequate than 7.7 where it can still hit planes from the WW2 period.