ZSU-37-2 auto-resupply bug

The auto-resupply for ammunition pays for an entire clip of 37mm ammunition, even if only a few rounds were fired during the previous mission. The price of a full clip is exorbitant (3700 sl) compared to several rounds of APFSD for my T55A (700 sl).

Yes because the shells are modelled as a “clip” not a “shell”, if each shell was modelled individually then it would not be like this, this is not a bug

I understand, but some solution should be made. 3700 sl is a lot to pay for ammunition every time I want to use my anti-air vehicle. Maybe separate the clip into two parts so we only have to pay half as much? Again, I payed 700 sl for 5 dart rounds one match and then payed 3700 sl for shooting a couple rounds of 37mm.

I like that