ZSL92: Rapid Firepower!

The ZSL92 is a later modification of a Chinese infantry fighting vehicle, developed in the late 1980s in response to the changing dynamics of modern warfare at the time. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will have the chance to take command of a unique new IFV design coming to the higher ranks of the Chinese ground forces tree as part of the next major update, Seek & Destroy!

ZSL92: An SPAA for China at Rank IV


  • Rapid-firing 25 mm autocannon.
  • Light protection.
Vehicle History

In the early 1980s, the PLA recognized the need for the development of a new IFV design to meet the requirements of more dynamic warfare tactics. This led to the development of a new wheeled armored vehicle under the designation WZ551, based on a licensed chassis of the Mercedes-Benz 2060 truck. Development and testing of prototypes with various armament options continued throughout the ‘80s until the vehicle was officially adopted by the PLA in 1988 under the designation ZSL-90, in both an IFV and APC configuration.

Despite entering service, development on the vehicle continued, especially as the first model was plagued by teething issues chiefly surrounding its engine. The succeeding variant, designated ZSL-92, introduced a new water-cooled diesel engine as well as improvements to the vehicle’s chassis in 1994. As a result, performance and reliability improved drastically, leading to the vehicle being ordered in much greater numbers by both the PLA as well as foreign operators. Furthermore, the chassis was a popular platform for the development of several spinoff variants, including missile carriers and assault guns. The ZSL-92 equips the PLA’s mechanized units and is still in active service to this date.

Meet the ZSL92!

Coming to War Thunder as part of the Seek & Destroy major update, the nimble ZSL-92 will reinforce the mid ranks of the Chinese ground forces trees with a potent new SPAA design! Although being a unique new vehicle, if you’ve played Chinese vehicles you may recognize the basic design of the ZSL92 from some already familiar vehicles. This is certainly not by chance and we’re eager to tell you all about it in today’s devblog. So let’s dive right into the details!

The ZSL92 represents the basis on which popular vehicles such as the PTL02 and AFT09 are based. Unlike those vehicles however, the ZSL92 will offer entirely different tactical options. Being fitted with a 25 mm autocannon instead of a large-caliber cannon or missiles, the ZSL92 is set out to be a versatile war machine on the battlefield. Its primary targets are enemy scouts and low flying aircraft, but if you’re particularly daring you can also go on the offensive and hunt more heavily armored opponents by outflanking them and engaging in very short range engagements.

Download Wallpaper:

A particular feature of this vehicle which underlines this tactical approach is its superb mobility. Being powered by a 320 horsepower diesel engine, the ZSL92 can attain a top speed of 84 km/h on paved roads, allowing it to quickly cover ground and switch positions on a moment’s notice.

On the flip side, being a wheeled vehicle does limit the ZSL92’s off road capabilities, especially in extreme terrains such as deep snow or mud. You’re best advised to avoid these if possible and leverage the vehicle’s excellent mobility not just to catch their opponents off guard, but also to dodge enemy fire. The latter is vital to the ZSL92’s survival on the battlefield, as it cannot heavily rely on the thin steel armor plating to protect it from anything more but small arms fire and shrapnel.

The ZSL92 will soon become available at rank IV of the Chinese ground forces trees with the release of the next major update, Seek & Destroy! In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out on the news for what is coming next. Until then, happy hunting and see you soon in the next devblog!

Kick-start your Chinese Ground Vehicle research with this starter pack:

Chinese Starter Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • M3A3 (1st PTG) (China, Rank II)
  • Curtiss Hawk H-81A-2 (China, Rank II)
  • Premium Account for 7 days
  • 120000 Silver Lions


You can greatly speed up the research of the ZSL92 with this pack:

Type 96A Prototype Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • ZTZ96A Prototype (China, Rank VII)
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Sweet! I’m even more glad I’m starting the chinses TT now

Cool car 👍

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it looks like it can float

Shouldn’t the ZSL92 feature APDS? If it already does, why is it not the same BR as the BTR-80?

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Looks like a really neat addition to the Chinese TT, looking forward to playing this!

(I may or may not have thought it was a French VAB T20/13 in the teaser :))


It’s the 25mm one so no (also expalining the BR difference)

it will as it is an amphibious IFV the giveaway are the propellers in the back.

Or the trim vane

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So… are we just ignoring how the US has an even bigger gap between 4.0 and 7.7, a gap that itself has existed for longer than the Chinese tech tree has?

america can balance it with its cas1

You mean… the same CAS that China has access to because at these BRs almost all Chinese vehicles are either Russian, US, or some other nation?

WZ551 probably easier to model american spaa

Why it is lacking
DKW-25 apds?

ZSL92 only equip 2 kinds of shell, APDS and HE in its 400-round-belt, no AP shell was actually equipped for ZSL92. Actually DKW-25 apds was specially developped for this ZPT-90 25mm autocannon.



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Petition to rename the game to “Call of Thunder: Modern Warfare” 😄

Oh god, not another low tier autocannon…


Call to Thunder: Old to Modern Warfare

Don’t forget you have to go through vehicules from 1920 to todays one.

Seems like hellcat racing is going to have competition.

America’s problem doesn’t invalidate this Chinese addition.

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