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Hello, and welcome to the suggestion for the ZSD85 (105)! This is an unofficial designation, as the vehicle to my knowledge never received an official name. It essentially combines a ZSD85 APC chassis, with a Type 63A turret. If you have any corrections or additional information, I would appreciate it.



A ZSD85 (Type 85) APC preserved in a museum in Changping, Beijing.

In 2008, NORINCO provided a proof of concept to extend the service life of the aging ZSD85 APC. It mounted a ZTS63A amphibious light tank turret on the hull of the ZSD85. This was possible due to the larger size of the ZSD85 compared to previous APCs, and would allow for a 105mm armed assault vehicle. Around the time the vehicle was built, it was denied for service by the PLA, and was subsequently donated by NORINCO to become a display piece at the Yang Jingyu Martyrs Cemetery in Tonghua in Jilin Province. Today, the vehicle has a spiritual successor in the ST2 light tank, using the same chassis, but with a newer turret equipped with thermal imaging.

A plaque at the Martyr’s Cemetary next to the ZSD85 (105).



Crew: 4
Weight: ~20 tons
Main armament: 105mm ZPL98
Secondary armament: 7.62mm Type 86
Engine: 320 hp Deutz BF8L 413F 4-cycle air-cooled diesel engine
Maximum speed: 60 km/h



[https://seesaawiki.jp/w/namacha2/d/85��/89������ʼ��͢���֡�YW-531H/YW-534��](https://Japanese source on the ZSD89)
China Defense Blog: What is old is new again, the case of ST2 tracked 105mm anti-tank gun




I can’t help but feel that there are better choices, and that development resources should go towards those instead

Some say it is a testbed for the Type 63A turret.

Now I take a closer look at the photos of this vehicles, I think the chassis is actually Type 85 IFV instead of Type 89 IFV.

This is Type 85 chassis:

This is Type 89 chassis: