ZLT-11 Reload inconsistency with the Abrams Buff

Recently they increased the Abrams to a 5 second reload with this logic.
“This rate of fire is possible considering the size and weight of most shells for 105 mm guns are comparable to shells for a 120 mm gun.”

Well the ZLT-11 uses a 105mm gun but only has a minimum reload of 6.7s at elite level even though its large internal volume allows the loader to be standing with comparable space as the Abrams. In fact, the loader might have an even easier time loading the gun.

  1. The loader doesn’t have to deal with ammo rack doors since the ZLT doesn’t have blow out panels.
  2. The ammo is orientated in a way that doesn’t require flipping the round around to load it.
  3. The ZLT may have a greater internal turret volume than the Abrams due to not having thick side composites.

The only video I could find of a ZLT Reload (Although not the full reload process) was during some training with the Russians so it doesn’t really represent best case scenario. But some information can be gained by watching it.

  1. The tilted layout of the Ammo Rack and the orientation of the shells to make it easier to load.
  2. The actual breach action seems to operate pretty quick and smoothly.
  3. There’s plenty of space for the loader.
    Side Note: This video is has some interesting footage of the gun recoiling different ways after shooting. Raising automatically after the shot, being held in place, and some weird mode where the recoil raises and then depresses the gun. I’m not sure how these would impact the loading process.



The ZLT is actually both taller and longer than the Abrams.

Judging by the location of the turret hatches of the two vehicles, it possible that the ZLT has an even greater internal turret volume due to the lack of thick composites.

The ZLT could jump up to at least 10.0 with the possibility of gaining

  1. Spall Liners
    Community Bug Reporting System

  2. Increased Reverse Speed (Hopefully one day?)
    Community Bug Reporting System

  3. Increased Reload Speed
    The reload from the 1st stage ammo rack for the ZLT should be faster possibly matching or exceeding 5 seconds. The reload from the other ammo racks should be much slower since they are very far away from the ready rack.

Currently, the the ZLT-11 is in no way comparable in capabilities to the ZBD-04A. Its lack of reverse and depression severely impacts its performance in the role of a light vehicle. It gains no advantage of its massive physical size and is filled with large gaps of empty space that doesn’t absorb any spall (Why is the engine compartment so large? Where are its fuel tanks?)

It would also be nice if Gaijin would display the reload rate of all ammo rack stages in game.


Reload rates get changes for balance reasons only.

you could make a suggestion, but its up to the developers to decide if they will implement it.

meanwhile the CM11:

Presumably they think the ZLT-11 requires the loader to pull the old brass out of the way to load the next round or it can be chalked up to a balancing decision. If you want it changed, make a bug report or suggestion. Abrams reload rates are accurate, though.

And to be fair, the Centauro among other 105mm equipped tanks have a much longer reload rate. Stuff such as the CV90105 have as low as 5s… so I think all 105mm equipped modern armored vehicles should get looked at again to have their reloads revised.


currently its not balance for the Chinese groun techtree。
can’t penetrate
can’t defense
the only thing you can do its using your speed to get killed by enemy at the begin.

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Updated the post with some more recent info.

The ZLT11 should have two reverse gears, a reverse speed of at least -17, and a long time to beyond

another innacuracy to the list, good post