Zimbru 2000

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Brief Summary:
An ambitious prototype to improve the B33 Zimbru, the Zimbru 2000 has been equipped with the OWS-25R overhead mounted turret as seen on other Romanian prototypes. It equips the firepower of the new turret onto the chassis of a Romanian variant of the BTR-80 chassis.

During the 2000’s in an effort the improve the capabilities of Romania’s most modern apc’s the 8x8 B33 Zimbru a variant derived from the BTR-80 APC. The vehicle received a turbocharged Deutz BF 6M 1013 260hp diesel engine and is also propelled on water by a single waterjet. The protection of the vehicle can withstand 12.7mm ammunition at a range of 100m and has an all round protection against 7.62mm rounds and artillery splinters. The main one man turret had been replaced on the prototype by the new Israeli developed OWS-25R turret which had also been tested on the MLI-84 (a Romanian vehicle derived from the BMP-1).

B33 Zimbru

The OWS-25R turret is an unmanned turret equipped with the 25mm Oerlikon KBA already used on Italian Dardo and Freccia IFV’s or the 30mm Mauser MK30 cannon. The turret also comes equipped with a 7.62mm machinegun and atgm’s. The Maliutka M2T which was a Romanian variant of the Malyutka missile armed with the Milan 2T warhead allowing for a Tandem warhead with 900mm penetration as an improved missile. The Maliutka was the missile shown of on the OWS-25R turret at the time of the Zimbru 2000’s showcase around 2006-2008, The missiles can also be changed to the later Spike missiles present on the MLI-84M1’s alongside the capability of using the older Malyuka missiles if no Spike or Maliutka M2T are available. The turret could also be equipped with 6 81mm smoke grenade launchers. Day and night sights where available on the vehicle.


The chassis helped the development of the Saur series of Romanian apc’s however just like the Zimbru 2000 they would stay in their prototype stages and not receive any customers instead with Romania purchasing the Swiss Piranha III APC’s. The OWS-25R turret remains in Romanian service however on the MLI-84M1 IFV’s.


Dimensions (L-W-H): 7.5m x 2.9m x 2.42m (hull height) (24’6’’ x 9’5’’ x 7’9’’ ft)

Total Weight: 14 tons

Crew: 2

Propulsion: Deutz BF 6M 1013 260hp diesel engine

Transmission: N/A

clearance: 0.475

Power to Weight Ratio: 18.57hp/ton

Suspension: 8x8

Top Speed: 85-100km/h (53-62 mph) (10km/h amphibious (6.2mph))

Main Armament: 25mm Oerlikon KBA (200 rounds) or 30mm Mauser MK30

Vertical Guidance: -11°/60°

Secondary Armament: 1x 7.62mm (250 rounds)
2x Maliutka M2T or Spikes or 9K11 Malyutka atgms
6x 81mm smoke grenade launcher (optional)

Stabiliser: N/A

Laser Rangefinder Yes

Thermals N/A

Armour: protection against 12.7mm rounds at 100m
all around protection against 7.62mm’s

Production: 1

Additional Images:


Maliutka M2T ATGM’s

[http://www.military-today.com/apc/zimbru_2000.htm#:~:text=The Zimbru 2000 (European Bison,in service with Romanian Army.](http://www.military-today.com/apc/zimbru_2000.htm#:~:text=The%20Zimbru%202000%20(European%20Bison,in%20service%20with%20Romanian%20Army.)
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