Zerstörer 45: A New Wind

Ah OK so it’s mostly a fictional vehicle.

I saw on the devstream all barrels fire simultaneously. Shouldn’t they fire in alternating sequence? I read that firing all guns on the flak 2cm which is on the Wirbelwind at the same time would induce strong vibrations leading to damage. So they would only fire 2 guns at the same time, meanwhile reload the other two guns. So on and so forth.

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Mobelwage with quad 30mm isn’t the real Zerstörer 45


Yeah, that’s kinda my point.

wasnt there a picture of the completed zerztorer 45 with the wirblewind turret here on the forums?

People are really confused and just repeating wrong points!

The vehicle, which gets added to warthunder, existed.
The gun system was tested on the panzer 4 chassie

The Zerstörer 45 probably not.

To avoid these confusion it should be renamed tbh.


It is correct though, why would Mobelwage that was used only for testing of the guns called Zerstörer 45, when the plans was that the Zerstörer 45 should be an improved wirbilwind even in here Gaijin admit that it should be an improved wirbilwind

100% it’s should be renamed it have nothing to do with the concept of the Zerstörer 45


Yeah just rename it. It’s like calling every quad 20mm “wirbelwind”.

the damage is already done and people believe that this vehicle is a fake vehicle although it existed in this form

Exactly, they literally took one of my long waited and favourite vehicles and completely destroye it the least they can do know is give it the correct name, and btw the Zerstörer 45 passed consideration in 2014 all of this happened bc of Gaijin selfishness and like of research about this vehicle

The Coelian, a wooden mockup closed top vehicle using precious panther hulls with a 3.7cm flak 44 that has little info exists on to suggest it entered production, that needed sophisticated periscopes and sights, a ventilation system and never had said turret ever actually built was closer to production than a vehicle that took the mk103, slapped it in a quad mount and put it on a panzer 4 chassis with the eventual goal of having a open top turret like the wirbelwind?


I checked every single link posted in that thread and saw a sum total of 0 proof that the Zerstorer 45 should look any different than, a 103/38 flakvierling mounted on a panzer IV.

So again, proof of HOW and WHY this implementation is unhistorical?


don’t be fooled guys, this isn’t an spaa, germany already has plenty of them. This is a tank destroyer with 77mm of pen (yes they gave it apcr for whatever the reason is)

because all other spaa have similar pen to this. AMX10p, sub1-2 have dm63 with less 0° pen but much better angle pen. The italian leo 40 has better pen aswell. Even the duster has similar pen at 3.7 or wherever this thing now sits

It still has only 17mm at 60° at 0m because it is apcr

that mount is specifically made for a wierbelwind turret, because it lack it’s gun shield. It’s a mix and match between two iteration of the vehicle.

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Exactly. Makes 0 sense.

I already explained and give my opinion here

Plus i love how Gaijin called this post “new wind” as a reference to the wirbilwind when in real life Mobelwage have nothing to do with the wirbilwind

yes it’s a 2cm flakwierling, but the point remains: the current version lacks a gunshield it should have.


Exactly this. Just bring them back. Gaijin is only gate keeping them at this point

whirlwind, not wierbelwind.

That’s the problem the guns never met to have shields bc it was never met to be used on a Mobelwage the shields should be provided by the wirbilwind turret configuration