Zero Account Progress on Dev Server

I had this problem last dev server which i thought would fix itself, i’ve already gone through support who moved me over to dev server bug reports, where its been pending for 4 days. I am rank 100 and i’ve been playing for years, i have no clue how i have this issue.

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Are you sure you logged in with the right email?

I’ve had this issue as well since dev opened for this update, According to @Pacifica the snapshots are 2 months prior to dev. Still doesn’t explain how top rank players are suddenly new accounts on the dev.

Yes i am, i know this since all my premiums are on there yet everything researched in the tech tree is gone

same issue here, have been waiting for days. No fix.

Same problem here, anyone fixed that?

Have the same problem, installed the dev today, I havent played the base game for a bit but Im lvl 100 with lots of stuff unlocked so I dont get it really

Is there actually any solution to this or do i have to just suck it up and accept i can’t use the dev server?

I made a ticket and the response was basically was:

“Damn that’s rough, make a bug report about it!”

@Smin1080p Given that im unable to get any help on this through official channels, is there any solutions you can share for this?