Zara Class, Gunboat Zara P01

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01-Pattugliatore Zara P.01

The Guardia di Finanza is an Italian military corps that was established in 1861, its main task was to guard customs and combat smuggling, in case of war it had to defend the national borders, as happened in the two world wars. Currently the Guardia di Finanza is a highly specialized body for combating crime and terrorism, its air and naval assets are cutting edge, the naval sector of the Guardia di Finanza is made up of Coast Guard Ships and Patrol Ships. The Zara Class patrol boats (Zara P01 and Vizzari P02) are derived from the “Ratcharit” type gunboat built by Fincantieri for the Thai Navy and is the result of research conducted starting in the first half of the 1980s, for the definition of a unit suitable for carrying out long-term missions in international waters and acting as a mobile operations center, capable of managing multiple naval and air units. The unit was equipped with a command and control system and a Selenia-Elsag targeting system, and with an OTO-Breda 30/82 twin weapon system, with a “Pegaso” targeting system. The full load displacement is 316.5 tons, the maximum speed of 27 knots is obtained by two GMT-BL 230.12 diesel engines with 3635 hp per engine. The two units were launched in the Muggiano shipyards at the end of 1989, and entered service in 1990. The Zara P01 has this name in memory of the finanziere Antonio Zara, gold medal for military valor.

Specifications - Performance:


Crew: Officers, Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 33

Full load: 316,50 tons

Hull material:
High strength steel

Length: 51,00 m
Width: 7,51 m
Full Load Draft: 3,20 m

Engine System:
2 GMT BL 230.12
Power: 3635 HP (each engine)
2 variable pitch propellers
Speed: 27 knots (50 km/h)

3800 miles at 15 knots

2 OTO-Breda cannon 30/82mm Compact (1 twin systems - 1000 ready rounds) elevation: -13 / +85
2 MG 42/59 machine guns 7,62mm

Electronic equipments:
1 radar type GEM 2 ARPA
1 radar type SPN-749
1 Selenia-Elsag automatic aiming system



02-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
03-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
04-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
05-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
06-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
07-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
08-Pattugliatore Zara P.01
09-Pattugliatore Zara P.01

Book: Finanza di Mare dalle Scorridore ai Pattugliatori - Pierpaolo Meccariello, Editalia 1994'ALTURA/P%2001%20-%20Zara.htm



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+1 I think this ship is suitable for rank V
I need a modern Boat like this for IT Coastal

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More Italian boats please!

+1 looks very fun to play