Zachlam Tager Crew

I finally got around to playing the Tager, and it is a very goated vehicle. However, I feel like its crew is misplaced.

The commander is in the centre, but shouldn’t the gunner be there instead, as the “sights” and ATGM joystick are there?

Additionally, shouldn’t there be a loader, because who’s taking the spare SS.11s out of the box, assembling them, and mounting them to the launcher? Is this just another case of War Thunder crew members having psychic abilities?

Well, you can’t have a loader in the back, since there’s the backblast from the missiles.

Other than that it’s probably accurate with the three guys in the front.
Whether one is the gunner, commander or loader isn’t that relevant.

This vehicle is the biggest pile of trash going.

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Tager is the vehicle I unironically have had the most fun in in Israel.


It can work but it’s very unforgiving, like all wire guided munitions, you are vulnerable for the duration. I had more success at close range. You very rarely survive a match.

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In my opinion, the Tager is a great big turd. I’ve had a couple of good matches with it, but in general, getting kicked in the taint by a stilleto shoe would be a more enjoyable experience.

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