Z-9WA tracking bug

In recent update, Z-9WA received tracking function. But it can’t work in foggy weather and night.
the x-ray shows it only has TV tracking, but as a heli with thermal, it should have ir tracking same as any other thermal helis.
It’s a bug i think, thermal image tracking is same as TV image tracking but based on thermal image.

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you can post an issue
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Gaijin.net // Issues

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Z-9WA unable to track target in foggy weather and night. // Gaijin.net // Issues


Possibly bug related to this: Community Bug Reporting System?

Foggy weather has broken some of the code where even SPAA with IRST tracking can’t even lock something right in front of you.

Its because its TV and not IRST. Just like TV guided munitions don’t work well at night.

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but a heli with thermal, can only track with TV? not reasonable

Thats just how it works in Gaijin’s eyes