Your SPAA Wishlist for the Next War Thunder Update!

yeah i noticed that but is there like an official or unofficial name for it with the crotale?

There isn’t any separate name for this configuration. It’s just known as Crotale NG.

M987 + Crotale NG. The combination of both doesn’t have a name, and documentation is pretty rare, just a few photos
It was a functionnal prototype, but was never adopted for full production (unlike the trailed version)


Its more unique then a copy paste Finnish vehicle but for balance, idk if id take that over the Ito so maybe best to leave it as is.

it would be a bit more mobile, but somewhat bigger profile.

That’s more dev time for almost the same thing. I’d be happy to see it, but i agree it’s low priority

I’m just a SPAA maniac who would love some back up X)

In that case replace the ASRAD with the fin ish service version which has it on a truck rather than the m113 prototype. I like truck spaa

What? Since when? I NEED THIS.

Modernization project, think one prototype was made but abandoned because of cost or something
Unsure if the prototype was fully functioning as intended

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The only problem is that we have no evidence it existed, we know plans were drawn up (Just like the Soviet modernizations for the ZSU-57-2) but nothing about an actual vehicle.

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Plus… theres no real point for it to be added… it basically forms a similar addition to the veak 40


9K33 Osa, depending on variant would have 9-15km range. Self contained with search & tracking radars. Only downside would be the low carrying capacity of 6 missiles.

Also, it floats!


This looks like it’ll float as well as a led brick.


A little, but apparently it’s capable of floating in that exact configuration.

What SPAA is most likely to come next update, based simply on the fact we are getting AMRAAMs?

And try to be realistic, and i want some low tier stuff too!

Or some early SYPDER with Derbys.

Early (even if there wasn’t one) SPYDER with python 4 and standard Derby only would be quite a nice addition for Israel, and very much needed

Cuban BTR-60PB based SPAAs:

twin 23mm ZU-23-2

twin 37mm 61-K

twin 30mm vz.53/59

The 30mm version honestly would’ve made far more sense for the USSR tree than the M53/59, since it’s on a Soviet-made vehicle and Cuba was on friendlier terms than Czechoslovakia (never having been invaded by the USSR and all). But with the same turret and guns it’d fill the same niche in the tree.

In addition to the SPAA on the chassis, Cuba also put a cut-down T-55 turret on some of their BTR-60PBs.


I could never find more images of the 53/59 variant, great work.

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As far as I can tell those are the only photos that exist of it. Or at least the only ones that exist online. It was clearly a much rarer conversion than the 37mm and 23mm. Unless somebody in Cuba has more photos that’s probably all we’re going to ever get.

Interestingly, on the original forum suggestion for a Cuban ground tree, I found this vehicle. The source claims it is Cuban, and the file name also states it as using a Romanian Model 80 30mm, which appears to be correct. I just don’t recall Cuba using this weapon system; the only 30mms I believe they had were the Vz.53/59s.