Your Lineups

Creating lineups based on era (the time it was developed and in service), and nation e.g. South Africa only in the British tech tree, rather than BR is far more interesting and fun than, for example, some ridiculous lineup like a Tiger II with Bulldog and JPz 4-5.

It’s how I play these days to keep the game interesting for me. A cool lineup I like is 9.0 China, the ZTZ88s, ZTS63, PTZ89, PTZ83, ZSD63, and Q-5A.

Sure I don’t have every meta vehicle thats as close to the BR as possible, and some vehicle will be very difficult to play against top tiers, but the challenge, reward and better immersive gameplay is worth the trade off.

I really haven’t seen much about WT being played this way in the time I’ve been playing (since end of 2021), and I’m wondering if there’s anyone else who does this sort of thing.

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I try to do the same, but Gaijin doesn’t make it easy some times.

It think theres a certain appeal though where you’re restricted in certain nations with the sorts of lineups you can build based on their respective time periods, adding to the challenge where you only have a couple vehicles to use. Playing modern Finland with the Leopard 2s, CV30 FIN and CT-CV 105HP is one example. You don’t have a full lineup and only have 2 MBTs to use

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One of my favorites is the SAV20.12.48, Strv 103-0, and Bkan 1C.

The SAV, a 3.7 machine, ironically works better at 8.0+ than it does where it sits currently. It is also such poetic justice to slaughter every goddamn IFV in sight while for once not caring if I overpen with one shell since I can send five more downwind before he can say what happened.

I do it only within this Br. Nothing here is Japanese but rather German/USA. Hoping for more German vehicles that Japan bought from Germany and more Thai vehicles to make a dedicated Thai line up soon.

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My 11.3 russian lineup is crazy: t34-57, 2s38, T72b, t80u, t80uk, t80ud, object 292 and KV2.

Seems the whole premise that my thread is based on is being completely overlooked…