Yellow Turban Rebellion ^TYTR^ RECRUITING NOW

Hey everyone, Yellow Turban Rebellion is a new squadron looking to recruit any and all members! We are a nice laid back squadron looking to have a good time and earn 20k XP per cycle so come and join us! Our squadron has now over 100+ members and are reaching 20k squadron XP per cycle! Come and join Yellow Turban Rebellion and be one of us!

If you have any questions feel free to ask or join our Discord Server here: Yellow Turban Rebellion

Below is a bit more information about me (Commander)

Modes you play: Ground RB, Air RB
Type of vehicles you like playing the most: Tanks (Mediums)
Preferred nations: China, Germany, USA
Preferred game servers: EU
Your age: 26
My Language: English
Preferred controller type: Mouse And Keyboard
Timezone / available playing times: EU
Preferred communication platform: Discord