Yellow squad indicators

Some squadrons are marked with a yellow “shield” when you look at the statistics page during/after a battle. I was under the impression this means it’s a premium squad, meaning the player that started the squad has a premium account and people on his friend list joined, can contain up to 4 people.
Every body else as the standard sign:

  • normal players who got a random squad
  • premium players who got a random squad
  • normal players who made their own, non random squad.

A player ingame just called BS on that, so please enlighten me.

It is for the squad who earned most rewards “team work” and “Fire support”

Team work => be at less of 100m of you squad mate who killing an enemy (3km between ground vehicle /air vehicle)
Fire support => deal a critical damage to an enemy who are kill by a squad mate (no distance required)

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I mean

what you can see here as squad indicator next to the last and third-to-last guys on my team for example.

That is you third option:
players who made their own, non random squad. (premium or not).

You can see sames in the adverse team (squad 4 and 5)

Hi ! In 2018, I did a tutorial on the French sub-forum.
You gave me the idea to republish in the French section of the new forum.

To answer your question:

When the shield is simple with a number in it, it is the squad that the game has imposed on you (randomn squad)(This is a game option that I recommend you check, it allows you to sometimes make a few more points especially when you do kill assistances with this squad member).

When the shield is more colorful (yellow in the blue and red team in the red team) and a bar overhangs it, it is a squad of friends who left together in battle. Be wary of this because they can communicate with each other and they can be more dangerous than other players by applying various tactics…

At the end of the game, the best squad of each team receives a reward (the “Best Squad” trophy), on the scoreboard a yellow or blue star (see above) comes over the shield of the allied squads and a purple or red star on the shields of the enemy squads.