Yamato class Battleship, No. 111 - Unfinished sister

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Category: 軍艦 / Warship
Sub Category: 戦艦 / Battleship
Class: 大和型 / Yamato class


Due to lack of information, most of the information will be limited and will mostly include changes, some information may actually be taken from the Yamato specification, since some specifications are not listed or found, Yamato images will also be used as No. 111

The order came in 1939 as part of the 4th fleet replacement program.

The construction of the battleship with slipway No. 111, which was 30% complete on the hull, was stopped in November 1941; in September 1942, this order was completely canceled, and the hull was dismantled in 1942 - 1943. Her hull materials will be used to compensate for the loss of aircraft carriers, as her materials were used in the conversion of the Hyuga and Ise into hybrid aircraft carriers. Also, part of the materials went to the escort aircraft carrier Shin’yō (Former German ocean liner “Scharnhorst”)


Escort carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy “Shin’yō” (Divine Hawk) which used some of the materials from the 4th Yamato-class battleship, No. 111

No. 111 was the fourth ship of the Yamato class, laid down on 7th November, 1940. Although the Shinano was a Yamato-class ship, its design was modified to improve upon the Yamato and Musashi, these changes mainly resulted in lower armor levels. To increase the protection of fire control and observation positions for the crew, another big change was the replacement of the secondary guns from 127 mm guns to 100 mm.

The number of 155-mm turrets was reduced to two, but the universal artillery was replaced by ten twin stabilized 100-mm mounts. According to some sources, they were similar to the turrets of Akitsuki-class destroyers; according to others, they were not turrets, but closed deck installations of the “A” model, modification 3, without lower ammunition supply.

Naval researchers Garzke and Dulin identify battleship No. 797 as a separate type, calling it “Improved No. 110” - the number of twin 100-mm installations on it increased to twelve, in addition, they were actually turret-type, with a lower supply of ammunition. According to other data cited by Yu. V. Apalkov, the Project 110 ship was supposed to have twenty such installations, while there were no 155-mm guns. Be that as it may, Japan no longer has the funds or time to build this ship.

Changes with the Design

  • Reinforced bottom protection (triple layer of plating of 1 inch (25,4 mm) thick each but a third layer of only 0.5 inches down to 2 layers in more restricted space, all proof against a 300kg TNT mine.

  • Added weight compensated by 10 mm thinner main belt plates and deck plates down 10 mm (190 mm) plus 540mm barbettes (20 mm less) compared to the Original design. The thickness of the frontal armor of the main battery turret was reduced from 660 mm to 630 mm

  • Possible extension of the conning tower, as well as the flag bridge/flagship setup.

  • Fuel storage revised

  • 100mm/60cal Type 98 DP guns replace the older 127mm guns.

    Engine room:

    • Main belt armor (waterline): 400 mm VH
    • Main belt armor (underwater): 200-45 mm NVNC
    • Deck armor (horizontal): 190 mm MNC
    • Deck armor (inclined): 230 mm MNC
    • Bulkhead (bottom): 100-50 mm CNC
    • Side splinter protection: 16 mm DS
    • Deck splinter protection: 9 mm DS
      Ammo stowage:
    • Main belt armor (waterline): 410 mm VH
    • Main belt armor (underwater): 200-75 mm NVNC
    • Magazine bottom armor: 80-50 CNC
    • Deck armor (horizontal): 200 mm MNC
    • Deck armor (inclined): 230 mm MNC
    • Side splinter protection: 16 mm DS
      Main gun:
    • Barbette: upper 540 mm VH, lower 490 mm VH
    • Turret front: 630 mm VH
    • Turret side: 250 mm VH
    • Turret back: 190 mm NVNC
    • Turret roof: 270 mm VH
      Secondary gun:
    • Barbette: 25 mm DS + 50 mm CNC
    • Turret: 25 mm HT
      Main steering room:
    • Roof: 200 mm MNC
    • Side: 300-360 mm VC
    • Bottom: 25 mm DS
      Auxiliary steering room:
    • Roof: 200 mm MNC
    • Side: 250 mm VC - 300 mm VH
    • Bottom: 20 mm DS
    • Uptake: 380 mm MNC (“honeycomb” armor)
    • Some part of funnel: 50 mm CNC
      Watertight compartment:
    • Number of watertight compartment: 1,147


  • Crew - 2399
  • Standard displacement: 64,000 t
  • Trial displacement: 68,200 t
  • Full-load displacement: 72,000 t
  • Max length: 263.40 m
  • Max width: 38.9 m
  • Average draft at trial state: 10.4 m
  • Main boiler: 12x Ro-Go Kampon boiler
  • Main engine: 4x Kampon turbine
  • Power: 150,000 SHP
  • Speed: 27 kt


  • 3х3 - 460 mm 46 cm (18.1") 45 caliber Type 94 40 cm Gun
  • 2х3 - 155 mm 15.5 cm/60 (6.1") 3rd Year Type
  • 12x2 - 100 mm 10 cm/65 (3.9") Type 98
  • 8x3 - 25 mm/60 (1") Type 96 Model 1
  • 2х2 - 13,2 mm Type 93
    • Judging by the diagram below, the possible number of 25 mm/60 installations will be - 32х3 25 mm/60. But the 8x3 25 mm/60 option is more realistic

Battleship diagram


Battleship No.111 will basically look like Shinano in terms of weapons. If the battleship Shinano were completed as a battleship

Battleship No.111 will basically look like No.797 in terms of weapons. If the battleship Shinano were completed as a battleship

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+1 could be interesting to see when naval progresses to the point where adding these would be possible

Well, it was laid down, so it’s automatically an option to be included into the game.

Realistically though: We’re so far away from getting these included in the game, that I’m not sure if there’s any point to be bothered with making the suggestion. There are many, many, much-higher priority items on the table to improve the mode than pushing into 18" gun-armed warships.

We need this and sovyetsky Soyuz to counter scharnhorst

We absolutely don’t.

If you want to discuss the topic further, there’s an appropriate thread for that: Nerf Scharnhorst Armor or make it 8.0

Let’s keep this discussion here about the No.111 rather than any other warship.

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I don’t really see the point in this one when Yamato, Musashi, and Shinano (as laid down) already exist