Yak9p Very helpful in the CN Technology Line

 Dear game planners and dear gamers, hello everyone 
 yak9p Sold by the Soviet Union to other Warsaw Pact countries in the late stages of World War II,China and North Korea also have purchasing and usage records,In the Korean War, kpaaf used her to engage with usaf。{https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakovlev_Yak-9}
Yak9p is a fourth level silver coin vehicle on the Soviet technology line in Warthunder,I think she can join the Chinese technology line, which is very helpful for the Chinese technology line,Because there are no valid 5.0 planes available online in China's technology line,There are not many low-level aircraft in China's aircraft technology line, and the addition of Yak9P can increase the technology line, giving it more choices。
Thank you very much for seeing my suggestion