Yak 3 France skin

As the heading implies, I’m just after a skin for the Premium. In game its very limited.
I’ve tried getting other camos and changing the names for all relevant bits but keep screwing it up.
Skin can be anything along the historical lines (examples below for design, not right planes)

Wanted to contact authors but cant find links or a message option, I’m crap at the internet stuff
If anyone can do these or leave a link on contact info for them I’ll accept any help at all
Thank you

The camo layout gets changed pretty much with every single new model.
Trying to overlay even the old Yak-3 skins won’t work, to speak nothing of different Yak-9s.

If you need an already-made skin, look up Yak-3 specifically and search by the newest.

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Thanks I’ll try that