YAH-64 vs AH-1G experience

I’m wondering if the YAH-64 can effectively deal with AA in heli PVE once acquiring its guided missiles.

I have the AH-1G and can’t reliably deal with AA by myself. I don’t love swooping in after another player destroys AA to get some points. I’m considering the YAH-64 as an alternative, but don’t want to spend the SL if it’s going to be a similar experience. Any thoughts appreciatated.

yeah definitly, hellfire missles are great for pve, USA propably has the easiest free to play grind because of the squadron YAH-64 once you unlock the guided missles

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Thanks, that’s very much what I was hoping for.

Friendly reminder, it is already in testing , so it might come in 1-2weeks, it is planned to be able research helicopters with tanks, so you could completly ignore heli pve if you wanted to

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That’s cool that it’s in testing, I saw it on thr roadmap.

However, I’m only mostly through rank 3 on my ground TT. I have the M901 squadron vehicle researched, and I could pair that with the AH-1G, but that’d be my lineup.

I mostly play air sim and I find the helicopters to be a fun change of pace.