XM8 and CCVL are backwards

So in War Thunder we have a funny scenario where the CCVL, which is older than the XM8 (it existed in 1986) is better equipped than the more modern XM8 which came out in the mid 90’s. There is almost a 10 year gap between them yet the XM8 has a lower BR and worse ammo. At the very least the XM8 should have M833 and at most it should have M900.

Please update the XM8 to its actual capabilities.


There is nothing showing that the CCVL was older than the XM-8, as all of the information I am finding points to 1992.
Better yet, the CCVL specifically was a competitor in the XM-8 project itself… The ARMVAL project produced the HSTV-L, and the XM-8 project produced the CCVL.
Its contenders were the CV90105 (the one recently removed, with the French turret found on the AMX-10RC), the TCM-20 Teledyne (AGS currently in game), the Stingray by Textron MLS, and the CCVL by FMC.
The CCVL won, leading the M-8 design we see today.

(The same vehicle seen in game under the name “XM-8”, seen without applique armor)

The XM-8 program itself was initiated in 1987, officially starting in 1990. All vehicles were finalized and unveiled in 1992, with the CCVL winning the project and being produced 4 years later in 1996.

Now… Let’s look at its 105mm M35 cannon… It’s chambered in 105x617mmR, and in 1991 it DID use M900… However at the time of making of this cannon M833 was the top-of-the-line shot. Both the AGS and XM8 do not use this, as the CCVL is the most modern iteration and is the current party that was chosen for production INTO the years when M900 was produced.

Please do some entry-level reading.

I don’t think you should be criticizing his research when much of what you said is wrong too. First off the CCVL is the prototype that FMC submitted for the AGS competition . It was built between 1983-1985. When it won the competition it was renamed the M8 Buford.

After winning it underwent a multitude of changes including replacing the M68A1 with the XM35 and removing the CCITV to save weight. The prototypes that rolled off the line after all the changes were the XM8 that we see in game.

The CCVL in game is factually older than XM8. Which is extremely evident by its hull shape , the M68A1 main gun, and CCITV.


This seems very erroneous.

All evidence of the XM8 in game is the finalized pre-production model of the M8 AGS, based on the wiki and the design of the tank. Historical records shows that the CCVL was developed into the M8 AGS after winning the AGS program, meaning the XM8 must’ve came after the CCVL.

Furthermore, there was no XM8 program in 1987. Before the CCVL won the competition, it was known as the AGS program. This XM8 designation only came after the CCVL won the AGS program, which adjustments were made to make a prototype of the finalized production variant. The XM8 AGS designation were given to these prototypes. This further gives credence to the fact that the XM8 was developed from the CCVL.

You would need to ignore all reality to believe the CCVL was developed into anything but the XM8.


It should honestly get m900 and move up it’s br(so there’s actually a reason to use it), it should be a side grade top tier light to the HVTL and I hated it was an event vehicle

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you want a U.S Tank with its actual realistic ammo? L O L

Just a reminder that we have the XM8 with Tier 3 armor package, and they could still release the other armor packages as separate vehicles. Honestly that is what I figured they were going to do and then it just hasn’t happened.

pipe dream, I know