XM1 or M1 Kvt

So i have been looking at the XM1 and M1 Kvt for quite a bit but. Not sure which one would be a better to pick up. Any suggestions?

Depending on your skill level, are you starting the game or already know the mechanics on top tier battles?

If yes, then buy M1 KVT, which, it’s just a M1 Abrams without composite side skirts, which you can add again but you lose Vismod,

In case of XM-1 the tank is equally good as a Abrams but less armor and good mobility for its BR, but you can always be uptiered to 10.3 battles but rarely join 8.3 one.

I kind of know the mechanics of top tier since i have watched a bunch of videos.

Uh… no. You do not. You don’t know 95% of the vehicles you will be facing, you won’t know maps and timings as to where to expect enemies and at what time, you won’t know where to pen most MBTs, and, worst of all, you will contribute to the 1-respawn problem. Just don’t. Get a mid tier premium instead.

According to the forums, you have 400 battles, so none. You will get killed left and right. As the guy said above, just get a mid tier prem.

Do you want a unique vehicle? Get the XM-1. Do you want a grinder? Get the KVT.