Xm1 br

the xm1 only faces 10.0 with it’s current 9.3 battlerating.
The only thing setting the xm1 away from being 8.7 - 9.0 is the fact that it’s fast, it has the same shell as the m60 series. I may not be a super good groundplayer but as a casual playing it you only get 10.0 and every 10 - 15 games a 9.3 match.
It’s not like it’s better than any super overpowered tank at 8.7, not everything can pen you at that br and you have to think a bit before shooting an enemy yourself.
this is all my opinion please do argument for the opposite if you feel like it.
I personally have a skill issue so don’t shit onme in the replies

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there is worse vehicles at 9.3 and 9.0


Of-40Mk2 and the MTCA. M60 RISE(P) Leopard A1A1

Probably the T62M1 never played it

Type 74E/F they have better shells but are quite slow and cant really tank anything
Chinese M60 (TTS) no era + M774. Best shell M735 same br as US M60 TTS
Magach 6M same shell as Xm1 basicly slower

M60(TTS) kinda does have M774


Imagine having literally the best 9.3 MBT in the game which should have been upped to 9.7 a long time ago and still complaining.



Most vehicles will do poorly if you compare them to vehicles +1.0 BR higher. The XM-1 is probably the best vehicle at 9.3, and would absolutely eviscerate everything at 8.7 and below.


as of recently playing the xm1 i am a fucking idiot, i no longer get uptiers

or y’know, maybe cause it’s a MBT with composites, a 50 cal, a blowout ammo rack, and the mobility of a S tier light tank with APFSDS, Thermals, and a LRF.

I’m bewildered that you just said the XM-1 should be the same BR as the Chieftain Mk.1 and the Sho’t Kal Gimel/Dalet

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If anything it should be put into 9.7 BR while the whole BR get decompress along with M833 APFSDS for it (M60A3 TTS should also get that round)


Don’t forget XM1c, it is in 9.0. a few years ago, people complained that XM1 was too strong when the enemy are leopard, amx30. so xm1 goes to 9.3, and now they are all in 9.3, again…

i just think brs should be dee compressed

You’re gonna get the US mains angry.

I’ve heard them say the thermals are no big deal.

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i did lol