XM-1 (GM)'s apfsds is killing my sanity

gaijin please add a new apfsds for the XM-1 (GM) or change br.

with the M735 Nerf this tank in my opninion is the worst tank at 9.3 br.
you have to be lucky to one shot any tank at this br because this shell works like an apds at this point.
please do something because its not worth the 60eur price tag.


Fun fact, the nerf was made bacause someone misread the documents and made a bug report. The values before were correct. Currently the fix is saying in the passed state.


Gaijin making uninformed decisions based off of incorrect assumptions and bad information? Seems par for the course these days.

Give them official documents and proof of something, they will tell you they “don’t believe” said evidence.