XM-1 (GM), or M1 KVT?

I’ve recently been considering purchasing a high-tier premium to research the US tree quickly. I have a great majority of the US air tree completely finished, which means I have a few decent CAS options.

I also have made sure to understand the basic mechanics, tactics, etc in ground. Currently I have up to rank III/IV in the US, German, Soviet, and Italian trees respectively.
From the about 3ish hours I’ve done looking into both the XM-1 and the M1A1 KVT I’ve come down to the following:

  • The XM-1 has very mediocre armor at best, with a weak round. However it also has great mobility, speed, and pneumatic suspension. Apparently the 9.3 matchmaker is god awful at the moment.

  • The M1A1 KVT has improved armor, a better round, and generally just being all round better with the added cost of being 10.3.

Money is not a concern to me as I 've got plenty of disposable income, but I want to know what would be the most enjoyable as well as the best grinder. So, with that said I would greatly appreciate any input on which of these vehicles to purchase. Thank you for your input!

Between the two, I would go for the M1 KVT. Not sure if it’s a mistake on your part, but it is indeed an M1, not an M1A1, meaning you won’t get the 120mm gun. Regardless, I’d still take the M1 KVT. People swear by the XM1’s mobility, but to me, the weak armor and ammunition are greater downsides than the single upside. The M1 KVT, on the other hand, has superior armor, and while M774 isn’t as great as common rounds at this battle rating, or even battle ratings below it, such as 3BM42, DM63, DM23, and so on, it can still work.

my bad, wrote the name off memory there 😅
I still appreciate the input! Thank you very much!

Oh no worries! I just wanted to make sure you weren’t getting it thinking it was an M1A1. Although technically you’re right, as the M1 KVT in real life was an M1A1, not a regular M1.

The KVT is probably the better buy atm, USSR 10.0 is completely stacked rn and everything near or around it gets dragged into 10.0+, may as well go for the all round superior platform. If there’s a sale on or you just go full wallet warrior the M1128 Wolfpack wouldn’t be a bad lineup addition.

I had to dump 803 and mbt-70 for because of the dart nerf. You can flank the enemy but when a Leopard 2 rushes directly to your face like Panzerbatallion 123. etc. you’re dead. If i were u i wouldnt waste a single bucks on xm1.

The XM-1 is tough to play for newer players, but very rewarding for good players. I can confirm the 9.3 matchmaker is awful, and that its armour is meaningless.

I’d go for the KVT if I was you because it is a higher rank, and added capabilities.

M1 KVT is a really good tank, has good mobility, good reload, turret traverse, survivability, however the M774 apfsds round is lackluster in most cases since you require knowledge on where to aim.

You simply cannot place rounds into a tank hoping it will detonate like… some other funny spalling rounds. Also i believe it’s the worst round in 10.3
But other than that, beri gud.