XCB-01 - BMP-1 Vietnamese's brother.

Would you like to see this in-game?
  • Yes, as a tech tree vehicle.
  • Yes, as an event vehicle.
  • Yes, as a squadron vehicle.
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Where should this be in?
  • China.
  • Soviet.
  • Japan (ASEAN Subtree).
  • I said no.
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The XCB-01 is an indigenously made Vietnamese IFV based on the BMP-1. It incorporates many improvements and fixes to address the shortcomings identified by the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) during years of operating the BMP-1 and BMP-2. The XCB-01 features a slightly larger hull with significant internal changes and some changes from the BMP-3. It also boasts a new turret with a more angular design, for ease of production and to mount ERAs.


Xe Chiến đấu Bộ binh-01, translated to Infantry Fighting Vehicle-01 and abbreviated to XCB-01 (also dubbed Xe Chở Bia-01 (Beer Transport No. 01) by Vietnamese netizens), was first officially introduced during the 30th ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM-30) and 2022 Vietnam Defense Expo, but earliest leaks dated back to early 2022. This appears to be an attempt to create a cheaper, indigenously built IFV based on the BMP-1 and BMP-2 that are still in service with the VPA. Outwardly, it resembles a BMP-1 but with a taller and lengthened hull for more internal space and crew comfort. It features a diagonally welded turret for ease of production and to mount ERAs in the future with an NSVT on top for infantry support and additional smoke launchers. Weapon system are the same as the standard BMP-1, locally made 2A28 73mm Grom with an improved FCS 1PN22VN1 gun sight featuring a laser rangefinder and thermal imaging. The Malyutka is license built Serbia 9M14-2T called CTVN-18 (similar to the HJ-73E on the ZBD86) with tandem warhead that can penetrated 750-800 mm and SACLOS guidance system. The engine was changed to the DOOSAN DL-08, which is slightly more powerful than the UTD-20 but heavier. The vehicle is also equipped with a Laser Warning Receiver and NBC Protection. Unfortunately, information on the XCB-01’s armor thickness and layout are sacred but it could be assume that it would be the same or a bit thicker than the BMP-1. Electronics have also been improved but specifications are unknown. There have also been talks of replacing the turret for an RCWS with a single 12.7mm NVST and Malyutka launcher. Only 1 prototype have been built so far.



Length: 6.97 m
Height: 2.68 m
Weight: 14.78 tons
Ground Clearance: 370 mm
Crew: 3 (Gunner, Commander, Driver) + 8 troops
Engine: DOOSAN DL-08, 321 hp (240 kW)

Top speed: N/A



1x 73 mm 2A28 “Grom” (shells: PG-15V HEAT, PG-9 HEAT, OG-9 HE) (It is unknown that whether the autoloader was removed or not)
1x 7.62 mm PKT Coaxial Machine Gun
1x 12.7mm NSVT Machine Gun
1x rail launcher for the CTVN-18 (license built of Serbia 9M14-2T) (up to 4)
8x 81mm smoke launcher

In game
This would be a good 8.3-8.7 light tank due to it having a LRF, LWR and thermal (likely gen 1) and tandem 800 pen SACLOS ATGM but no gun stabilization (as far as i can find). It would fit great in the Soviet (foldered with the BMP-2) or China tech tree (foldered with the ZTS63 and ZBD86) but also considering Thailand newest addition into the Japanese tech tree (F-5E FCU), it would also fit within a Japanese-ASEAN subtree.


Comparing dimensions between BMP-1 and XCB-01.
Credit: Viet+ Offensive

Note the NSVT blocking the ATGM loading hatch, which mean the NSVT would not be useable when loading ATGM.

Video of XCB-01 swimming

Sorry for the watermark, it is kinda difficult to find pics without one.

Info on the DOOSAN DL-08 engine
Lee Ann Quann Twitter
1PN22VN1 gunsight
Note: most sources are in Vietnamese.

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Very cool! +1

Very nice, I love how the 73mm performs ingame so it would be nice to see more vehicles with it.

+1, however I don’t think it belongs to Japan

yes, it doesn’t really fit the tree doctrine or vehicle design but considering that Vietnam-Japan relationship are great and the fact that Gaijin are willing to add Thais vehicle in JP tt i don’t see why not. Also JP probly need it more than China and Soviet seeing that it would just be another BMP to them.

It be more of a event vehicle to China or USSR, it wouldn’t matter if they needed it or not, it simply doesn’t fit in Japan, that’s all.

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well Thailand either uses Japanese equipment from WW2, or mostly western equipment in the Cold War, so it makes sense for Thailand to be a subtree of Japan more so than for Vietnam

By that logic, the Viet Minh also used captured Japanese equipment during the First Indochina War. Currently, Japan is also one of Vietnam’s most important economic and strategic partners.
https://mod.gov.vn/en/event/detail?current=true&urile=wcm:path:/mod/sa-mod-en/sa-en-news/sa-en-news-rela/4c5ffc9d-b93e-4d1d-bce5-6d38814bc79b (Vietnamese MoD website)

Man, I understand your logic, but HELL NO! XCB-01 is not suitable for Japanese tree play style. I rather put IN ASEAN tree or even USSR/China tree. Japan tree is only for Thailand and S.Korean vehicles. From a Vietnamese perspective. And this vehicle just the first stage prototype, its data has not been public yet. And the info you give just a guess.

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Honestly i don’t expect gaijin to added it to the JP tt either, but that will probly be answered when they added the T-54M3, heck they could even make an ASEAN tt. Regarding this being a prototype, yes ik and i will try to keep this page updated as more information got out.

Phong Kong T-34 already in China, so Vietnamese vehicles probs go to china.


There is also one in the Soviet tt btw

Soviets already have a lot of vehicles. Also the one in Sov tree is premium

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+1 But i don’t think this is a vehicles for Russian or China.

  • China has a lot more interesting stuff then this and the relationship between them is not “warm” like Cambodia/Thailand so might trigger parts of player base.

  • Russia in other hand, too many vehicles.

  • For Japan, sure, it’s can be an option since Gaijin said more SA vehicles will came to Japan.

  • Another option is Israel as a niche option.

Either for Japan or USSR

Historically Vietnam and China has never really like each other so adding a Vietnamese tank there isn’t really good, the Phòng Không T-34 is an exception i guess since it used NORINCO type 65 and a Soviet T-34 chassis hench why they added it to both of the tech tree.
Yes ik that Soviets alr have a bunch of vehicles, that why i also added an option for an ASEAN subtree in JP

Well its just me who wants to play this vehicle. I play Chinese tree but not japanese, so I wont be abot to play it if it is in JP tree

Theres already a Vietnamese vehicle in China, it should go there.

That vehicle is also made out of Chinese produced weapons and chassis.

Vietnam sub tree samsung hyundai kia perfect