XBox to PC transfer

I got my pc a week ago and wanted to transfer my XBox account to PC so i could use marketplace for example or buy things like pack instantly on pc (I have to go to xbox for packs). But since i got my pc on the tutorial is a massage in red that says it is not possible now bcs of high volume. I just wanna ask is this really still 1 or 2 weeks or is this massage there bcs gaijin doesnt do this anymore?


if someone knows somethiong please let me know if im just impatient or this is offline

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As far as I know, this is temporarily not possible, @gromvoiny knows better :)

For now if I remember correctly they said the transfer is closed to all platforms, but they will be opend in the future, so I would suggest to follow the news and see when it’s open.

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If I recall its not so much that its not possible… its just that Gaijin isnt doing them anymore at the moment. They could do it again and I believe they said they would if there was enough demand for it… but the problem is… how much is enough to get them to do it again because I know I am not the only one that has switched to playing their console account on PC and have serious issues with trying to even buy premium stuff because they dont really have a console anymore to actually activate the items with.

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Two separate entities unfortunately