Xbox/ console controler binds

I am all ways experimenting and looking for new controler binds and wish to share and for other to share theres.

For ARB:
sticks and triggers are standard with both 2 stage trigger

RB picth up (works well with roll axis for barrel rolls around enemy guns) also add RB to camara control / view in battle air / enable axis

LB look back (works well with free look and can RB + roll axis for rolling scissors)

Dpad down + A select next target (again works well with left bumper for selecting target behind you and still allows free look)

LB+dpad right cockpit view
LB+dpad up external view
LB+dpad left virtual cockpit
LB+dpad left bomber view

RB fire secondary weapons, drop bomb series
LB+(R) exit select weapon mode
LT+(R) switch primary weapons
(R) switch secondary weapons

ill add more is i remember them