Xbos "The neglected console"

We are about to enter the end of the week and despite the sale currently going on in the Gajin.net Store, the xbox store still hasn’t recievied any disccounts besides the full alert pack (a frankly outdated pack).
Xbox not getting any sales is an ongoing issue that has been brought forward multiple times, and yet the only answer we have recieved is a firm “no” or “save yourself the trouble, its not happening”.
The question is why? Why is Xbox the only plataform that never gets sales?
Playstation does, they get sales. Right now they have aircraft for sale like f4s phantom II, Mig 21 bis, Kfir Canard, and for tanks they have the Abrmas M1kvt and the Leopard. Why can’t we have does vehicles on disccount as well, or something equivalent.

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to be honest i would just start a new pc account. gaijin is not going to dedicate time to this issue as xbox players arent really vocal and dont matter too much.


Starting a new account isnt an option, i already have grinded 3 entire air tech trees and have so much progress on the account, premium time and a few ge premiums i have bought. Not to mention that doing that would be the equivalent of giving up.
As for the xbox player base, we are vocal, many have complained about the issue, but like i said the answer is always no.
The responsed i used as an example, “save yourself the trouble, its not happening”, is something a developer responded on the forums to antoher guy that was asking if there were going to be any sales.
To top it all of the idea of we dont matter too much is degrading, we play the game, why wouldnt we matter.


sorry, this is really just what gaijin thinks. its really bad but they just dont care and xbox players dont matter enough to them to change it

Xbox players are being exploited by gaijin, they take our money and treat us like 2nd gen gamers. Pc players have far more content, in game feature and have more settings that give them an edge. Gaijin dont even read xbox bug reports or reply to them

So we have discounts rn, either i jumped the gun with thos one and gajin had the sale planned all along. Oooor gajin watched this alongside many posts and decided to give us discounts.

They are the same ones playstaition got so, nice.

Ive just found out that pc users can run a program that overlay the WT client called WTRTI so you can set alarms to warn you when you go to fast so you dont breakyour wings

That’s exactly what you are. You decided to buy a quickly outdated system that hampers its own performance by merely running. Every app and game you have is a direct downgrade, and due to being VMware trash, you can’t dictate graphics settings on almost all games.

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Buddy, we had those sales on Xbox about 2 weeks ago. When you jump in-game you can check the upper right menu for the red tag icon - That’s the giveaway that there’s some sale or deal going on.

Helps if you pay attention…

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Which means we all play the same game, every thing for us is the same and we cant install cheats

I used to do the pc thing even built my own pc, but there is allways someone else with a faster gfx card, mb, ram and so. So yeah even pc get out dated fast. No such thing as future proof

well, a 2012 PC can still run War Thunder, a 2012 console can’t so yeah, there’s definitely that.

you can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to display the same information, that’s built-in to war thunder and not “pc exclusive”.

And how is that fair to those who own any other console with any other specification?

They cant install cheats either

A high-end GPU is about $600 USD, throw in another $50-$80 for shipping if you live anywhere far.
RAM is like… $30. Even then, speed isn’t a major factor since it’s been a DDR4 standard for a while now.

I’ve had the same PC for the last 7 years, and since then 4 Xboxs came out alone. All I have to do is grab $300 and take a tradein, now I’m playing max graphics at 240hz.

Meanwhile the newest gen console still has 100-150ms input latency.

And what cheats would there be to install? ESP has been dealt with, and apart from that there’s graphics exploits (can’t be banned for it) and botting.

What are these?

render distance, 512mb/otbefa

Is that every pc of that year or just yours. Makes me lol that gamers with plug and play components suddenly become computer engineers 😜