X1 for realistic battle

Are you satisfied with the toptier realistic battles?

Having played for 3 years, I recently picked up the F-16 and felt that there was something missing in the matches.

I felt something different playing the 1 vs 1 tournaments and I realized that the toptier realistic mode doesn’t seem to be any fun as it is; lots of planes, lots of missiles, alerts on the radar practically all the time and the imminence of death within a few seconds of the start of the match.

War Thunder hasn’t changed the game mode practically since its inception. It seems to me to be much more rewarding to win a dogfight with the modern planes that gaijin works so hard to make them technologically historically accurate within the game. Tournaments are not widely publicized within the game and are very difficult to get hold of as you need to schedule a specific day and time.

My proposal is to create an alternative mode within the game other than tournaments; a 1 vs 1 mode for all ranks or for the toptiers, as it is very disappointing to dedicate so much and have a lot of appreciation for thebeauty of a dogfight and, when you reach the toptier, you are disappointed because it looks like an ‘ace combat’.