X Box game bar "cheat" (exploit)

Dear War Thunder Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to report an issue about the use of exploits with the Xbox Game Bar extension as a rangefinder in War Thunder. It has come to my attention that some players are using it to gain unfair adventage over other players.

Description of Exploit: The exploit involves the use of the Xbox Game Bar extension as a rangefinder tool, allowing users to accurately measure the distance to enemy targets with ease. While rangefinders are a legitimate gameplay mechanic in War Thunder there shouldn’t be a 3rd party software to do it for you.


For the past few days there has been a TikTok account @shim1337_off TikTok

That has been posting videos related to the “exploit” and has uploaded a video where they told their viewers how to download the said extention for XBox game bar.

1st TikTok (Talking about the exploit even tho they know it has been brought up on forums once before and it is a contoversial topic)

2nd TikTok (Showing how to use and download the extention for XBox game bar)
( I cant upload 2nd video in MP4 format since it is too big for forum (its around 6MB and forums limit is 4MB, I dont want to cut the video shorter since i dont want to compromise the authenticity of it)

They also mentioned that the only way to download that extention is via their Telegram channel Telegram

Earlier reports:

This “issue” has been brought up before on War Thunder Forum ( End of January 2023) but it doesent seem it got a lot of attention.


Point of this post is not to point a finger at @shim1337_off but to bring attention to this problem and solve it quickly because it is ruining the gameplay expirience for other players. Some might argue this isnt a cheat but intended feature but anything that is 3rd party besides custom mods that can be downloaded via War Thunder Live shoud result in bannable offense.

Best regards,

Did you use chatgpt or nah?

Only as an idea for the template for the report. This is my first time reporting anything like this so I used any help I coud get my hands on.

i can’t even get game bar to work and they are doing this with it


Sometime I use drone with my bmp-3 and shot high explosive shells from the base, I calculate the distance and make correction until I hit something. Sometime it takes 5-6 shots until I get “hit” But if this is real, what the **ck bro :D


This is making how people triangulate targets by drone into a low-skill (pretty much) cheat, this is not good if its easy to do. game bar doesn’t even work on my rig so no idea if it would be. I hope this is patched out

Drone triangulation actually takes skill and is one of the purposes of a drone on real-life battlefields, if you can range a target without external software you deserve it

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