I have multiple games playing as Zero where wyverns will rush the bases and bomb them all and the airfield ending the game with minutes. Hardly anyone else gets to play, and if you are zero player you spent the time trying to get into the fight only to spend a few second before the game ends

Give it some time. The wyvern spam will end soon. It’s just because of the recent sales. :)
It will also hopefully go up in BR later this year too, that might help as well :)


The Wyvern spam will never end, as there is always an event or other stuff - today i had a 3:35 game - the match on Poland was over before 8-12 people had even a chance to participate and they ended with a score of 0 - as 6 or 7 Wyverns killed enough pillboxes and all 3 bases for a ticket win…

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Really do you think gaijin will increase the BR of premium aircraft? Aircraft that people spend money on maybe just because of how OP is, because of how undertiered it is.

They actually Increased it from 4.0 to 4.3

Ydah but multipe games ending under a few minutes with both sides barely even getting to see each other let along engage because wyverns hit all the bases and end the game. I can do nothing in a a6m5 but just watch

Its even worse then ju228 spam

Doesnt need a BR increase. The airframe is pretty average for that BR with the exception of lots of 20mm cannon ammo.

The only thing kinda OP about it is the airspawn, but the same can be said for a lot of aircraft. like the XP-50. Removal of the airspawn, or an overhaul how such aircraft spawn (i.e forward airfield spawn maybe?) would mitigate a lot of the advantages it has.

(To be honest. I doubt a BR change would actually make any difference to matches ending, with the exception that matches cant be ended by destroying an AF past about BR5 ish i think, but that BR would be stupid. And even at BR5 5.0, it would still intercept bombers just the same)

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I didn’t say anything about thinking I said “hopefully” will go up. Also with the split BR’s coming later this year fro ground and air should help with BR changes :)

And like @Kingskofi said, it did get moved up to 4.3 even if it was after 4.7

You actually can do stuff against them. If you know where they’re going to strike like ground targets or bases you can be line straight for those places. People do it all the time. And if you say you can’t catch them, then move to intercept route instead of going head on or trying to chase it :)
It’s pretty easy to counter in any fighter. Just don’t go head on, or flat out chase it… And like I said, it will die down to normal numbers after awhile :)

Yeah, I hate these too. I think that’s worse than the wyvern one though.

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9x Wyverns.

Battle time: 5:49.

Nothing to see here…