Wrongful Banning

I was playing just fine on the 11 of October, but when I tried to boot up war thunder yesterday (18 of october) it said that i had violated the EULA 3.2.3, for using hacks or bots. But I don’t even know how to download or install either of them, I don’t have files that might suggest that, and I don’t use any community or personal sound effects/paint schemes. And I use many vehicles from most of the nations, so I dont know how I could be accused of using a bot
Is there any hope for me getting my account back or do I flush 650+ hours down the drain?

Some applications that are similar to hacks are flagged by EAC. If you have recently installed an application to your platform, then you can appeal the ban to EAC and present them the application for white listing.

I used an anti-virus that is local to my country (NOD32) and it got flagged falsely by EAC before and they white listed it afterwards, albeit very annoying to deal with.

But I haven’t installed anything recently, I have been using the same antivirus for years, unless an update changed something, which I doubt.
I haven’t downloaded any mods for other games recently, and I don’t use hacks or bots for any other games

You’ll have to chase it up with the developers of your AV.

I’ve been told Kaspersky is commercially black listed now.

Ok, thank you