Wrong tracks and Power to weight ratio in T-69IIG

Power to weight ratio:

As you can see in the image maximum power to weight ratio should be 15.89 not 15.68(With new rubber padded tracks)

Rubber padded tracks:
This tank always had the rubber padded tracks in real life but for some reason gaijin did not model it.


This picture was taken in 2009 when it was upgraded.

All of the images were taken from publicly available sources and none of them are currently restricted as those procurements were completed.(I have talked to a technical moderator regarding the restricted images)

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Lmao thought i had found another classified docs leak

Have you submitted this as a bug report yet?

I haven’t done it yet

Content removed…

You will need to post proof that “content” has indeed been “declassified”

The document was available on this site https://dgdp.gov.bd/dgdp/AP_TEN/new/ArmyWing1.php?#menu1
(It is removed because the procurement has been completed)
Usually completed tenders are considered as unrestricted. Also actual sensitive information wasn’t shown in the document. All of them had “To be mentioned” label.
This website is meant to ensure transparency in procuring military equipments. To comply with the right to information act (Use google translate) they show some details of their procurements. According to the right to information act only incomplete procurements are considered as restricted.(Check chapter 2)

And the second picture(cropped one) didn’t have any restricted label on it because it was a notice. You can check the documents in notice column in the dgdp site. None of them have restricted label.

I even talked to Gunjob before sharing it. He said it should be ok to share it.

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Ok, just make sure to make a notice when posting content that there is proof of declassification, thats a requirement that we have on the forum


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So is it fine to use those images?

well, like I mentioned if it has been declassified should be ok… I am clueless about this stuff my self, so if you have checked with Tech Mods, then it should be ok, just need a notification about it being ok

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