Wrong dialogue for Indian tank commander

The Indian tank commander says ‘Zamin par let jao’ which in Hindi means ‘Lie prone of the ground’. Seriously, why the hell is a tank commander giving infantry commands to his crew?

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Wouldn’t English be spoken in the Indian Army anyway?

They sound overly happy. Slightly serious voice would have been nice and the words are a bit too formal. Btw shouldn’t Indian Tankers use english terms instead of the hindi ones?

No, the tank crews will be mostly speaking Hindi since they will be mostly from different states. But the infantry will be speaking their own native languages (except while communicating outside the regiment) since regiments here are based on caste and language. The air force has a reputation for mostly speaking English. The navy also mostly uses English.

Actually there is only one Indian language which has a unique word for tank, Sanskrit (although nobody speaks it except some 5 villages, think it of like India’s Latin). In it tanks are called ‘Lohrath’ (Iron chariots), artillery is called ‘Zhatangna’, SPAA are called ‘Sva-Pranottavya Vimana Nashak Lohshipi’ and helicopters are called ‘Udgrayaan’. Just for information lol.

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Are bhai they do speak english in the army but hindi remians the second best option

Thats correct and they do

I dont know why but the crew voice reminds me of naptol ads

Because indians are there in those ads

The higher ranks must be doing that. I don’t think a normal Indian soldier would be speaking English to his regiment since the regiments are all based upon language. But well, a cavalry (armour) regiments are not based on language so it might be true that they use English.