Wrong colored “War Thunder” logo on “Page Not Found” page

First of all, I am not sure where this should be posted in the first place since I find it difficult to navigate this new forum. So if a moderator sees this and knows where this should go, please move this thread.

When trying to use an old forum link or bookmark and the “Page Not Found” (404) page is shown the War Thunder logo is not not showing in the top right. This is the issue for both the Light and Dark Modes of the forum.

Light mode:

light theme

Dark mode:

When I modified the header color in DevTools in my browser I confirmed that the logos are there but in the wrong color. White logo on white page header and Black logo on black header.

here is the dark mode with a white colored page header:

This should however be an easy fix, but I wanted to reach out to the Devs and let them know.