Wrong caliber on Cobra King

Lately while playing the Cobra King, I notices that it features the 75mm gun, while in real life it was the only Jumbo with a 76mm gun. Idk if it was made on purpose or the devs just took the mormal jumbo and added a few details and the camouflage.

Pretty sure that the Cobra King was 75mm
Cobra King (tank) - Wikipedia



Unless US had short barreled 76mm installed on its shermans, cobra king had in fact 75mm gun.


As far as I can tell, Cobra King received the 76 mm during the war as a field modification, but all Jumbos were originally built with the 75 mm cannon.

As such, “both” Cobra Kings, with a 75 mm or with a 76 mm, existed. In-game we have the earlier 75 mm version.

Edit: Found pictures of Cobra King in Vilseck, Germany. The tank stayed in Germany until 2008 because only then was it discovered that this was Cobra King, and then it was promptly sent to Fort Knox to be restored, with the restoration including the change to the original 75 mm cannon, which can be seen in @Beeschurger’s picture taken from where it currently resides in Fort Belvoir.

Edit 2: Extra picture from the same location, but you can see the mark “188” on the side of the turret, matching the image from @Beeschurger.


Wouldn’t that mark just be from the mold used to cast the turret, and thus show up on every turret made with that mold? (Unless they had swappable numeral dies, variation between tanks would be quite rare, as a full mold replacement would be uncommon at best.)

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It was given the 76mm upgrade sometime in early 1945 .In Nov 44 at Bastogne it would have had the 75mm as others have said. Its close, a period of only a couple of months but 44 Bastogne is right as the chalk marks would have washed off a few weeks later and before the 76mm was added.

The Phrase Jumbo was never actually used during WW2 many say.

Ah, if that’s the case, my bad.

Still, the little armor damage on the front right side near the transmission housing is an identical match to the tank that was posted previously, so its still the same tank.

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